September 1998 CJEI Report feature article

Four Years On...

Since 1995, more than 80 jurists from 30 countries have graduated from CJEI's flagship Intensive Study for Judicial Educators programme


Judicial education supports an impartial, competent, efficient and effective judiciary. It is also the basis for all judicial reform. CJEI's aim is to foster and strengthen first quality national, regional and international judicial education programming as well as providing a resource center and framework for networking.

ISP graduates, October 1995

First CJEI Intensive Study Programme, October 1995

CJEI held its first Intensive Study Programme for Judicial Educators in 1995. Since then, the programme has been shaped and improved by the suggestions of each year's class. To date, we have had 84 participants from 30 countries.

This year there were fewer suggestions for change-a good sign. It appears our challenge now is to maintain the high standards you have set for us. The programme topics include "objectives and standards of judicial education", "long range plan design", "adult education pedagogy", "communication skills", "judicial education video making", "teleconferencing", "electronic judicial education tools", "funding resources", "judicial education programme evaluations" and "programme and curricula design". Our faculty includes such acclaimed international adult educators as Dr. Teresa MacNeil, Dr. Sandy Fraser and Dr. David Muttart; Ms. Pat Simpson, Past Chair, Education Committee of the England and Wales Magistrates' Association; Alayne Casteel of Reno, Nevada; the Honourable Judge Rya Zobel, Director of the Federal Judicial Center, Washington, DC; Maria Dakolias, World Bank; the Honourable Mr. Justice Bastarache, Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada; Assistant Chief Judge Marietta Roberts and Associate Chief Justice Pat Lesage of Ontario.

Three graduates of former programmes, the Honourable Chief Justice Dennis Byron of St. Lucia, the Honourable Mr. Justice Annel Silungwe of Namibia and the Honourable Mr. Justice Adrian Saunders of Anguilla, have returned to Halifax to teach in succeeding Intensive Study sessions.

ISP graduates, November 1997

Intensive Study Programme, June 1997

We are proud and gratified that the number of applications for the programme in June, 1998 required us to mount a second "overflow" programme this past September.

It was an outstanding class composed of Magistrate Deborah Holder, Barbados; The Honourable Judge Yosuf Jamie, Eritrea; The Honourable Mr. Justice Essilfie-Bondzie, Ghana; The Honourable Mr. Justice Nasiru Gbadegbe, Ghana; Mr. Ibrahim Hamidu Alkali, Nigeria; Mr. Fakar Hayat, Pakistan; Mr. Salman Ansari, Pakistan; The Honourable Judge Titus P. Cooray, Sri Lanka; The Honourable Judge A. Dayantha de Alwis, Sri Lanka; The Honourable Mr. Justice Amos Twinomujuni, Uganda;Mr. Wilson Masalu-Musene, Uganda; The Honourable Mr. Justice Ernest L. Sakala, Zambia; and The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter Chitengi, Zambia.

 The Intensive Study curriculum is CJEI's flagship programme. We are proud of the leadership roles our graduates play in strengthening national and regional judicial education around the world. We invite others to attend future sessions and become part of the growing Commonwealth judicial education network. Our next programme will be held June 14 - July 2, 1999 at the CJEI premises in Halifax, Canada.


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