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September 1998 CJEI Report


The Hon. Mr. Justice Duncan Tambala (CJEI 1995) of Malawi has been elevated to the Court of Appeal. Mr. R.R. Mzikamanda (CJEI 1995) has been elevated to the High Court and appointed Chairman of the Malawi Judicial Training Committee following a year of study in the United States. Mr. Edward Twea has also been elevated to the High Court. Mr. Winter Qoto (CJEI 1997) was appointed Registrar of the Supreme Court and Mr. Charles Mkandawire (CJEI 1995) is now Senior Deputy Registrar.


Mr. Timothy Katanekwa (CJEI 1997) has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Relations Court. The Hon. Mr. Justice Ernest L. Sakala (CJEI 1998) of the Supreme Court was elected to the Court of Justice of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African Court of Justice in June.


Mr. Justice Adegbite (CJEI 1997) is the Director of Studies at the Nigerian National Judicial Institute, in which capacity he heads the department responsible for conducting continuous judicial education programs for Nigerian judicial officers. This includes organizing short courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences for members of the Nigerian judiciary, and their support staff.

New Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers

The Nigerian Judiciary has adopted a new code of conduct for its judicial officers. This new code of conduct was approved during the All-Nigeria Judges conference in November 1997.

The new code of conduct is applicable to all Nigerian Judicial Officers, including lower court judges and magistrates, as well as High Court, Court of Appeal Judges and the Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


Mr. Justice Tsekooko (CJEI 1998) of the Uganda Supreme Court is now the chairman of the Uganda Judicial Training Committee. He is also the chairman of the East African Judicial Education Committee. Also on the committee are: Mr. Lawrence Gidudu (CJEI 1996) and Honourable Mr. Justice Amos Twinomujuni (CJEI 1998). Mr. P. Onega (CJEI 1997) has been elevated to the High Court.


A valued supporter of CJEI was recently appointed Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, the first woman to hold this post. Participants at past ISP programmes will remember meeting the Hon. Chief Justice Constance R. Glube at CJEI functions.




At the Annual Meeting of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute held recently the following new members were elected to the Board: The Right Honourable Telford Georges, P.C. (Barbados); The Hon. Chief Justice Dennis Byron (St. Lucia); The Hon. Mr. Justice Annel M. Silungwe (Namibia); Prof. John Yogis (Canada); Prof. Michael Deturbide (Canada) and Mr. William Lewis.

The following members were reelected President and Treasurer, respectively: The Hon. Judge Sandra E. Oxner and Mr. Larry Smith, CA. Further directors from subordinate courts will be added at the December meeting. We thank the Honourable Kipling Douglas, Dr. Booshan Domah and Mr. Michael Lambert for their past services during the foundation years.


Historic Judicial Conference in Barbados

This past August, Barbados played host to a judicial conference on Anti-Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking Offences.

The Conference brought together judges from the entire English speaking Caribbean. This was the first time that this had ever occurred. Several Chief Justices participated and the Conference was addressed by Attorney Generals from England, the Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

Drug trafficking and money laundering are on the increase in the region and several states have adopted new legislation to address the problem.

The Conference was sponsored by the UNDP.


CJEI wishes to express condolences to the Honourable Chief Justice Dennis Byron of St. Lucia (CJEI 1997) on the recent loss of both his mother and father, whose passings occurred just six weeks apart.




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