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What is the Institute?
The Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute became an independent parallel official Commonwealth NGO in 1998. It is incorporated as a Charity under the laws of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Where is the Institute located?
The Institute's office is located in Room 306 of Dalhousie Law School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The work of the Institute is carried out throughout the world in cooperation with local and regional judges' and magistrates' associations and bodies.

What is the Purpose of the Institute?
The Institute has been established to:

  • provide support and linkage among existing Commonwealth judicial education bodies;
  • maintain a website to provide information on judicial education and reform;
  • provide an electronic network for exchange of materials among judicial education bodies;
  • encourage the sharing of information, human and fiscal resources internationally and inter-regionally;
  • encourage the establishment of new national and regional judicial education bodies in the Commonwealth;
  • develop programmes and teaching tools for the use of all;
  • deliver judicial education programmes at the invitation of the Chief Justice in partnership with national judicial education bodies;
  • provide sustainable infrastructure for judicial education;
  • organize study tours of justice systems and judicial education processes;
  • encourage interaction among judges and jurisdictions;
  • provide gender and racial inclusive judicial education programmes;
  • design judicial education programmes to encourage and support judicial reform;
  • support basic Commonwealth fundamental values such as democracy, good governance, rule of law, sustainable development, eradication of poverty, human rights and gender equality;
  • conduct research to support judicial reform;
  • mount biennial Patron Chief Justices’ meetings to discuss contemporary judicial education problems and solutions;
  • conduct biennial meetings of Fellows to discuss contemporary judicial education problems and solutions and to design remedial programmes; and
  • maintain linkages with American judicial education bodies to share information and resources.